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Do you Live by the Rhythm?


Autumn 2021

Movement and Ease

In the Classic song “Rhythm of Love,” R&B/Soul artist Anita Baker entreats us to live and love “by the rhythm.” The spoken introduction posits as follows:

“Life has a rhythm. . .

Mother Nature has a rhythm. . .

And love, oh yes, love has a rhythm. . .”

You can check out the song here:

How does that resonate with you?

Many musical terms best describe feeling states as we (and the universe) are composed of both particles and waves depending on where our focus lies. Focusing on matter and form results in particles; focusing on feelings/vibes/sensation results in waves.

Waves move and vibrate in a repetitive pattern which can both be predicted and varied/changed for creation of a new form. This is the formula for creation.

Familiar examples of rhythmic waves of creation are the compression followed by expansion of the universe, the cycles of the seasons (like the solstice celebration many observe this month!), the cycles of the moon/tides, and the tiny revolution of electrons around a central nucleus of an atom. Our solid world is made up of mostly open space with varying sizes and densities of vibration.

Speaking of revolution of planets, moons, and electrons, social issues also have a rhythm. When the karma of past actions “comes back around” we also call it a revolution or circling back. “Rhythm Nation” anyone? . . .

Our bodies are both particles and waves. This is aptly portrayed in the traditional emblem for the medical profession, the caduceus, which is derived from the staff of Asklepius (Greek “father of medicine.)” Snakes weave around a staff (spine) in waveform symbolizing energy (Kundalini) moving up and down the central axis of the body. Blocks in this movement of energy create pain and dis-ease in the body-mind. This energy will not be denied!

Movement of energy in the body is done with oscillation, i.e. back & forth, hin & yonder, up & down, in & out, side to side, etc. This can be done physically or mentally. This creation of momentum moves things that are stuck such as emotions, thoughts, body tensions, and patterns. Things like drumming, dancing, singing, chanting, and alternating body shifts such as breathing, chewing, walking, running, and swimming. Predictable patterns with room for variation allow for smooth and comfortable adaptation. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is frequently measured in scientific research to indicate overall resilience and coherence of the mind-body. Rhythmic activities mimic the natural heartbeat and are primal and organic to the human organism. Our so-called civilized world socializes the natural rhythm out of us. Sometimes we help to get our groove back.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a method of tracking body sensations to find areas of stuckness to slowly and methodically minimize and/or remove them. “Pendulation” is the term coined by its founder, Peter Levine PhD, to gently oscillate the area/thought/feeling from its entrenched position. An SE trained observer can help locate and manage these stuck areas which are not yet evident to us consciously.

The Western ideal of a stiff upper lip while enduring pain with stoicism is being challenged in our society as rampant issues of depression, anxiety, alcohol/narcotic abuse, and social inequities plague the day. The rhythm of life is asserting itself. . .

Will you meet its demand?

The Rhythm is Gonna Get You”:

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