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Somatic Experiencing-Yoga

Somatic Experiencing as a wellness offering provided within the context of Eastern Philosophy which lends itself to the sensory-motor introspection required for re-mapping neurological reactions to stress.

Chakra Management Exercises

The chakra energy centers concept for classifying body functions into regions along the spine is a useful shorthand system for conceptualizing the influence of the vagus nerve and its interactions with the autonomic nervous system as a whole.

Somatic Experiencing-Physical Therapy

Somatic Experiencing focused on a particular diagnosis with specific goals and measurements documented to communicate with other medical professionals and insurance companies. 

Notes will be provided upon request.

Therapeutic Listening

Listening to specifically altered music through a headset to influence the auditory nerve and muscles controlling the ear drum can have beneficial effects in alertness, attention, focus, social interaction, spatial processing, and prosity of voice and facial expression.

Somatic Experiencing-Touch Work

Touch is a modality within the Somatic Experiencing milieu which strongly assists with developing coherence in the body through entrainment with the therapist’s system. Intentional touch can be done on line and is quite effective as the hands are merely the “locus of focus” for energetic interactions.

Vocal Toning Exercises

The vibration put in motion through vocal toning or chanting stimulates the vagus nerve as well as various body regions to either stimulate and/or release tension held in the region. It can also provide a sense of connection to Universal Forces.


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