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Linking Dynamics

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Different types of PEEPS (Somatic Memories) get linked in memory, either implicitly or explicitly, and can become too strong/over generalized, too weak/lost association, or just right/allows for learning.


Hitting the blue “hyper-link” takes you out of the internet page you’re in and off to a related site. If somatic memories are clumped together for maximal vigilance, many perceptions, often beyond your cognitive awareness, will trigger a hyper-link experience which takes you to a past repetitive experience instead of experiencing the present moment. Untangling the web of somatic memory associations can be like cleaning your closet; in the end after a lot of work, you can see where things are and how to access them easily and fluidly.

Broken link

When you encounter a broken link on the internet, you simply just can’t get to the desired site no matter how much you try. The site manager needs to get in there and repair the link for you to have access.

Sometimes somatic memories are “swept under the rug” in order to better meet the demands of daily life with minimal discomfort. This works fairly well until you notice that your body repeats maladaptive patterns over and over without conscious connection to the reason. Until the site manager, ie you, gets in there and repairs the link, you’ll have a hard time avoiding the same old well worn patterns.

Dynamic link

A dynamic linking of past somatic memories with current time allows for pattern recognition with a fluid ability to respond appropriately based on the facts and feelings of the situation. Old mistakes are held with compassion vs shame for a loving assessment of the best course of action. 

The best course of action is often automatic, ie beyond conscious awareness, such as ANS control of muscle tension (gamma motor neuron fibers), sleep & digestion (fight/flight vs rest/digest), immunity (HPA axis), and sensory intake capability (vagal tone in conjunction with other cranial & peripheral nerves.)

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