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Vagus Nerve & the Chakras

The Eastern Chakra System gives insights into the working of the Vagus Nerve, particularly shedding light on the newer understanding of the multifaceted function of the “overwhelm brake system” of the

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS.)

Eastern esoteric thought has categorized the lower chakras (energy wheels) into the “1st sun,” the heart chakra into the “2nd sun,” and the upper chakras into the “3rd sun” as a means to track energy through the physical/survival/reptilian brain, emotional/tribal/mammalian brain, and spiritual/connected/human brain realms.

This shorthand method of viewing energy management and evolution mimicks the more scientific theory of the Poly-vagal functions. That is, the extremely long, wandering vagus nerve component of the parasympathetic nervous system reaches the lower body regions dorsally (back of the body) at the gut for “gut feelings” and freeze (like a reptile) responses, enters the heart region both dorsally and ventrally (both back and front of the body) for regulation of heart and respiratory functions to foster group dynamics and cohesion/compassion for others through regulation of sympathetic fight/flight (to survive predators) & promotion of fawn (like herd or pack animals), and innervates in the upper body ventrally (front of the body) for higher/more nuanced perception & expression of authentic connection to the divinity in all of life (human spirituality.)

The heart center is key/pivotal in shifting out of survival physiology fragmentation as it bridges the lower and upper “suns” into energetic continuity and coherence.

The Three Suns

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